Third Coast Trombone Retreat

June 2-9, 2019 - Montague, MI

My week spent in Montague, MI with the Third Coast Trombone Retreat was a great experience. I appreciated the opportunity to meet great trombonists from across the country that normally are unavailable to me. Also, as a young player, hearing all the visiting professionals play a full recital was invaluable. The sessions held by Sebastian and Nick on topics outside of the trombone were insightful, from self-promotion to Feldenkrais, they really set this event apart. Participating in a week dedicated to the instrument, surrounded by highly committed players and teachers, was essential in my personal development.
— Jack Noble, bass trombone (Juilliard MM '15)
I have never grown so much as a musician in such a short amount of time. I would highly recommend the Trombone Retreat to anyone who is looking to push themselves as a trombonist. Everyday you spend in this beautiful town you will be able to play in an ensemble, play in a lesson or masterclass, and listen to the world class faculty brought in. This was an experience that I will never forget thanks to Sebastian and Nick!
— Myles Blakemore, trombone (Southern Methodist University BM '15)
The retreat was an amazing experience as a high school student. It gave me exposure to many older trombonists who were doing what I would be doing in college as well as professional trombonists who have succeeded in doing so. It provided insight into the future of what I am passionate about. The retreat was an extremely fun and educational experience that bettered my playing and will better the playing of many high school students in the future.
— Hoyt Parquet, trombone (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Senior '15)
The retreat really helped me grow as a musician and trombonist. Sebastian and Nick are great performers and teachers that truly strive to help you develop during the week you are there. Thanks to them I realized I wanted to study music, I recommend it to anyone.
— Omar Elmusa, trombone (Western Michigan University BM '19)
It’s very rare that you can get a group of brass players together in a “no pressure” environment, but Sebastian and Nick have done just that. Getting to be around professional players in an informal environment creates such inspiration, and there is so much interaction between faculty and student. They have created a haven for trombone players, where we can get together and do incredible things all in a week’s time!
— Connor Clayton (Retreat Participant '14)

Amid a Kaleidoscopic Mist for 6 trombones by Christian Overhead John Sebastian Vera, conductor Myles Blakemore, trombone Michael Dorato, trombone Connor Clayton, trombone Matthew Marchand, trombone Nicholas Schwartz, bass trombone Jack Noble, bass trombone Purchase here.  Third Coast Trombone Retreat June 21, 2014, Montague, Michigan 

Anthony P. Hopkins Memorial Trombone Choir Conducted by John Sebastian Vera Third Coast Trombone Retreat June 21, 2014, Montague, Michigan

"Balkanica" by Daniela Candillari John Sebastian Vera, tenor trombone Nick Schwartz, bass trombone